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Balloon decorations for any occasion, any budget and in any day of the week
We are Balloonelle – a small team with a big passion. We make awesome balloon decorations for any occasion, any budget and in any day of the week to make you happy. We are based in Dubai but our delivery spans across all the emirates.

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What balloons do you use?
We source our balloons from our trusted suppliers all around the world to provide you with the best quality and variance of colors and shapes. We work with all types of latex balloons, foil balloons (including shapes, numbers and letters) and stretchy bubble balloons.
How long will my balloons float?
The floating time depends on the size of balloon, its type, the environment in which they are kept in (sun, temperature, and wind). Standard size balloons of 12" will float for 10-12 hours. Balloons treated with Hi Float liquid can increase the floating time up to 3 times. Foil Balloons float anywhere between 5-10 days depending on their size. Generally larger balloons float longer than smaller balloons. In hot or humid weather, the balloons fly less than usual.
How do you inflate balloons for installations?
For the installations we use normal air, therefore the installations last significanlty longer than the balloons filled with helium. However, please note that exposure to sun or humidity can fade the color of your installation, so we recommend to make your instalaltion not earlier than 12 hours before the event.
How are your balloon decorations and designs made?
All our designs and installation are bespoke and handcrafted by professional balloon artists. We never make two identical works. Therefore, the examples in our catalog are just to give you the idea on the different arrangements you may look for and request through the order form.
What do you need to make balloon installation at my place?
We brign everything with us on the installation day, however sometimes we require some area to prepare and fix the installation and power socket to inflate the ballons
Do you remove the installation after the party is over?
Yes, we come and pop the balloons and collect all parts of the construction (e.g. backdrops, metal frames, etc.). However sometimes, when the instalaltion is small and no construction was used, the customer may chose to pop the balloons himself. Anyway, all this is agreed in advance at the time of order placement.
Where can I find the price of your balloon arrangements?
Since all our sets are unique, we need to understand your requirements first and based on that suggest the best options to suit your budget. As soon as we know your requirements we will be able to give you the quotation.